About us

About us

Ægir Seafood is a family company. Since 1995 we’ve been a proud manufacturer of one of the worlds finest cod liver. Today the company has 20 employees.

In our state of the art factory in Grindavík, Reykjanes Peninsula we create products cherished by consumers around the world. Among our costumers are large supermarket chains, gourmet markets and premium foods providers world-wide.  

What makes our cod liver so special?

It’s ecological and fresh! Our factory is positioned on the shores of the North Atlantic’s principal fishing grounds, giving a savor of freshness and excellence to our production. Utilizing this direct link we have to our raw material, we are able to offer premium quality products. We use top of the line processing methods and offer a range of packaging to meet our client’s individual needs.

The cod we use for all our products comes from Icelandic Responsible Fisheries.  We offer MSC certified products and our facilities and productions are Kosher certified.